I’m Nicole Otchy, a personal stylist and personal branding consultant for high-achieving women who are ready to use their wardrobes as a tool to become more fully self-expressed.


I’m the antidote to the headache that starts when you try to get dressed in the morning, the one that approaches migraine-level pain when you wake up to a closet full of clothes that don't match who you are or who you're becoming.


The truth is, I love seeing people come alive when they unlock their personal style. And what’s even more? I love helping busy, ambitious individuals use their unique style as a means of self-expression in the world. 


I combine years of experience working in public relations, styling photo shoots, and working with individuals from all walks of life to discover their own personal style to bring you a unique and well-vetted perspective on the styling experience. 

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My goal is to uncover your personal style – yes, you already have one waiting to be uncovered – to empower you to use it to achieve success in your life and career goals, and to make finding for the missing pieces in your wardrobe a painless and even pleasant experience.


I help my clients learn to dress for their bodies instead of against them. I delve deep with my clients getting to know their lifestyle, what matters most to them, and how they want to show up in the world. Finally, I use customization, working with tailors, to help my clients create wardrobes uniquely their own.


I love helping women with passion and a unique set of gifts come alive during photo or video shoot so they can reach an even greater audience through their marketing. I've designed a virtual process that makes what could be a nerve-wracking process fun, easy and inspiring. Learn more about it by clicking the button below.