“Nicole helped me take care of my wardrobe so I could concentrate on my family and my work. I feel amazing in my new clothes. The whole sort, shop and style process was so effortless and fun!”


- Jen H.,

"My favorite part of the process was getting rid of all the clothes I didn't wear anymore. Having someone confirm 'Yes, this needs to go' was extremely helpful. I loved styling the clothes I already had with what we bought. It turned out that I had fantastic outfits sitting in my closet that I never wore because I didn't know how to style them. Nicole really listens to what is going to make you feel good. She wants your clothes to show who you are while also giving you confidence and knowing you look amazing."  


-Stephanie P., Engineer

“If you are struggling with what to wear or don't know if what you're wearing is right for you, hiring Nicole is a no brainier. Especially if you don't have the time or desire to shop. After I completed the Wardrobe Refresh, I had a stylish and functional wardrobe that made me feel confident without having to worry every morning about what to put on for any given occasion. I love having great to have quality pieces as opposed to loads of questionable pieces that I know I'll never wear.”


- Lisa, G.

"Hiring a personal stylist seemed like a big investment at first. But, after working with Nicole, I'll never go back. I saved so much time, money and sanity working with someone who listened well, had a great sense of humor, and created a plan to help me achieve my style goals. It would have taken me months (and a lot of wasted money) to achieve what Nicole was able to do in two weeks. I have a whole new wardrobe, and I never wake up worried about what I'll wear. There is no better feeling than knowing you have someone like Nicole on your style squad." -


Ashley R.,

Marketing Professional

“I hired Nicole because I wanted to develop a look that is more appropriate to my coaching practice for networking, meetings, and for potential media appearances. Nicole picked out the current pieces that can be re-purposed, paired with pieces that I didn’t expect, pointed out colors that look best with my skin tone, suggested minor tailoring alterations, and recommended purchase of a mere 4-6 pieces that would allow me to have sufficient range in my look.

If you appreciate a smart professional who doesn’t waste your time like I do, then give Nicole a call.”


-Selena Tan, O Positive Coaching

“The clear-headedness of Nicole’s process was amazing. It was such a great experience to confront my closet with a rational mind. I got rid of years of 'baggage' because, faced with you as witness, I couldn't come up with reasons to keep stuff I haven't worn in years. I appreciated how you worked with my sentimental attachments, but also gently prodded me to see where they got in the way. Also, making multiple outfits I was excited to wear out of several limited pieces inspired me to pack super light for a 2-week trip – and it worked! I had everything I needed and wore almost everything I brought.”


- Kate B., Artist

“Before our meeting, I was prepared to part with many pieces in my closet. But much to my surprise Nicole taught me new ways to make my clothes ‘work’ for me.  Her easy suggestions of wearing something differently made my clothes look fresh and new!  Using what I already had in my closet we created more outfits than I thought possible and I have used what I learned to create even more looks on my own.  Her suggestions about tights and accessories have really made a difference.  And, it was really fun! “


-Katie, M., Lawyer


“Working with Nicole is like hanging out with your super stylish, totally together, best friend who's only goal is to make you look and feel your very best! I hadn't worked with any stylists in the past that seemed organized, reliable and in control. My favorite part of the process was that she  took the time to understand my brand. I honestly felt that no matter the timeline or possible hiccups, Nicole would come through for me. And she did-in SPADES!” -


Liz V., Lead Consultant and Creative Director, Hera Sport

Nicole is one of those rare people who is completely professional but not a total bore to be around. When it comes to anything from personal styling to personal branding, Nicole knows what she's talking about. Not only is Nicole exceptionally sharp and knowledgeable, she's credible. She's worked with political pundits, renowned academics, and accomplished authors.

Most recently, Nicole helped me prepare for a photoshoot. Things went extraordinarily well. I was completely impressed with the selections she made, her overall organization, and her personality. She was a total joy to work with and I've been finding ways to work with her ever since. If you get a chance to work, Nicole, take it. You won't be disappointed.”


-Isaiah Hankel, Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author & Speaker