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Style Q & A: How to Find the Perfect Blazer

Q. I want to love blazers. I do. And everyone seems to be wearing them. But, I never like how they look on me. Any tips?

A. This is such a great question because there are so many times that we think we can’t wear something that we like on other people. But, nine times out of ten, the issue isn’t that we can’t wear something. It’s that we haven’t found the right fit for our body type yet.

This is also a fantastic questions because blazers are a little magical. Yes, I am going there. Magical. With the right fit, a blazer can conceal, enhance and even visually alter the proportions of your body, making your body appear more balanced. Another benefit of a blazer is that it can help you navigate all sorts of unclear dress code situations with ease. Throw a blazer over jeans and it’s business up top and party down the bottom. And because they are (just a little bit) magical, to do their tricks well, you usually have to spend some money to get the most out of them.

Here’s what to be on the lookout for when a blazer *isn’t* working in the dressing room:

  • Is the darting (also known as the seams) well sewn in the back and through the sides of the jacket? Do they give the jacket shape at the waist and through the back?

  • Is the shoulder too strong or not strong enough to balance out your frame?

  • Do the buttons on the cuffs “work”? (Translation: Do the buttons unbutton, allowing you to roll the sleeves or are they sewn shut and only for decoration?)

  • Is the lapel too wide or too narrow for my frame?

Tip: Follow your body’s natural build when looking for a lapel that works. If you have broad shoulders and bust, a skinny lapel will look off. If you’re slight through the shoulders and bust, a wide lapel will look dated and dowdy.

Here are some other great options with a less traditional cut or jackets that can be styled in the same way as a blazer.

Happy blazer shopping!

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