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Style & Substance: New Year's Resolutions & One Good Thing

I recently came across a quote that got me thinking about New Year’s resolutions.

Full disclosure: I’m not a fan.

As someone very wise once pointed out, New Year’s resolutions rarely work because they're often an attempt to create something new on top of something that already isn’t working from our past.

An incredible amount of our lives are dedicated to planning, strategizing, fixing, and preparing for what's wrong.

Do these pants make me look fat?

Do I look "pulled together"?

Am I earning as much as my friends?

Shouldn’t I have a baby by now?

What if this year you focus on adding the next GOOD thing. And then the next one. And another. Until you have a whole year of good or, dare I say it... amazing things.

I weave a lot of Danielle LaPorte’s work from The Fire Starter Sessions and The Desire Map into my own process with clients and I do that because I truly believe that the old model of “image consulting” or the popular mean girl image of the stylist who tells you what’s “wrong” with your appearance (and everything in your closet) is supremely unhelpful. What is helpful is helping someone focuses on how they want to feel, not how they feel currently.

The funny thing?

Pretty much everyone wants to feel some variation of good: sexy, hot, beautiful, handsome, confident.

Once we identify the good thing, and stop focusing on all the bad things, somehow we always instinctually know what the next good thing is to add to our wardrobe and to our lives.

Happy 2015!

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