• Nicole Otchy

How To Find Basics That Aren't Boring

Getting excited about the basics in a wardrobe is not something I see a lot which is why I'm starting this series on how to find better options. Without some solid basics pieces, it's hard to create a functioning wardrobe. Whether you threw out every t-shirt you've ever owned because you held it in your hand and decided it didn't spark joy or you just can't seem the find the perfect version of that staple you're always on the hunt for, I've got you covered.

All wardrobe staples have two things in common: they tend to be the toughest pieces to find in the perfect fit and are the easiest to mindlessly shop for. Bored and out shopping? Who doesn’t always need yet another ok-ish t-shirt? And, who really wants to take the time to try it on? Just like that, a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear was born.

Let’s fix that. Here are three easy tips to begin building a wardrobe full of basics that feel entirely you. This week I'm tackling: the white top, the basic black work pant, and comfy black flats.

Know What You Need...But Be Open

Maybe you don’t need a button-down white shirt. Perhaps instead you need a crisp white top that you can wear with jeans or a suit.

Thinking about the way you need something to function in your wardrobe means you can fixate less about getting the best (insert super specific shirt style here) and focus on filling in the gaps with pieces that are perfect... for you. I love the white button-down shirt example because I see it so often but this applies to anything you consider a "staple" in your wardrobe.

Instead of a traditional button-down try a front wrap option like this Gia blouse by L'Agence:

Or, a twist on the classic button-down like this Vince option:

Look To Silhouettes To Escape Boredom

This tip is my absolute favorite because it gives the most dramatic impact for the least amount of effort.

If you usually go for a straight or skinny pant, try a high-raise option with a full leg like this pair from A.L.C that I can't get enough of:

Or this pair from Everlane:

If you usually wear a wider work pant silhouette, try a pair that hits at the ankle with a straight leg. This effortless pair is also from Everlane:

Use Texture And Shine To Break Out Of A Rut

Everyone needs a sensible flat but that doesn't mean they have to be boring. Here are three of my favorites that will keep your feet comfy and add some visual interest to even the most simple outfit.

First up, try an ankle boot in a classic style (like a Chelsea boot) with an updated finish and texture like the Avallo from M.Gemi. Bonus: Use the promo code nicole001at checkout to get $40 off your first pair of any M.Gemi shoes (including these!) and free overnight shipping.

I love a ballet flat with embellishments that add a little edge to this typically lady-like style. Here's a favorite from Zara:

How delicious is this velvet smoking slipper by Vince?

Want to browse a few more options? I've rounded up some more picks right here just for you.

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