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2019 Style Resolutions Worth Making

Updated: Apr 7

Lots of people start off the new year with style resolutions and, generally speaking, I’m a big fan of them. But, I also think it’s important to get clear about which resolutions are worth making and which resolutions are just keeping us busy and frustrated. Identifying the right resolutions means you can go deeper and use your personal style more intentionally as a tool for creating the life you really want.

Getting the “right” clothes is rarely the true block when it comes to being fully expressed in our personal style. That’s why I want to share three style resolutions I wish more women would make before they step foot in their closet for a 2019 edit or start shopping because it’s the things we believe about ourselves that hold us back in our closets and in our lives.

Figure Out Where Investing In Your Wardrobe Makes Sense For You

The movement toward minimalism and away from fast fashion has created a lot of conversation around the importance of investing in our wardrobes. I think investing in our clothing is essential yet the concept of investing can be overwhelming making it hard to know how or where to start.

Most people can’t afford to just scrap all of their clothes and start fresh with more expensive pieces. That’s why it’s really important to identify where your money will go the furthest when you’re trying to decide where to invest in your wardrobe. Here are some ways you can try to figure that out for yourself:

  • What are your go-to basics? Are you repeatedly running to Target or Marshalls to replace them? If yes, start by investing in these pieces.

  • Shoes. This one is pretty universal. No one enjoys their feet being in pain so it always makes sense to invest here.

  • Special/ Statement Pieces- What pieces in your wardrobe make a plain outfit more exciting? For lots of clients it’s layering pieces (a leather jacket or a blazer) or accessories. Identify what these are for you and set aside money to invest in them.

It’s also important to note that what it means to “invest” will look different for everyone. For some people spending more than $50 on shoes is a big investment. For others, $300-$500 qualifies as a investment. Remember the point of investing in our clothes is to save us the time, mental energy, and added cost it takes to constantly replace the pieces you wear regularly.

Stop Saving Your “Good Clothes” For A Special Occasion

I’m pretty sure one of the secrets of adulthood is that there are very few actual “special occasion” so it’s up to us to declare them if we want to have more fun in life. I love clothes because we can make an ordinary day feel special by simply injecting more intentionality around something we have to do anyway every single day. Wearing a kick-ass outfit on a random Tuesday when you have a huge work presentation or just aren’t feeling your best is going to do a lot more for you than leaving it in your closet for a holiday we deem a special occasion. Also, why are we allowing ourselves to only feel our best on a few random days externally dictated to us? Let’s stop that.

Stop Worrying About What Everyone Else Thinks Of Your Clothes

It is so, so normal to wonder if your clothes are sending the wrong message. Except here’s the truth: in most cases, if you’re someone who ponders the message your clothes are sending even a little, you’re probably not the person making style choices that push people away or make them think negatively about you.

Yes, our clothes send a message to those around us. Often it’s subtle and it’s (always, always, always!) actually a message about our relationship with ourselves. Getting caught up in what other people think about our clothes is an excuse to not think about or do the work to express ourselves through our personal style.

So, when I hear clients say these things like:

“I don’t want to look too nice when I go out with my friends”

“I don’t want to look like I think I own the room but I want to look nice.”

“How can I look pulled together and in-charge but not intimidating at work?”

“I love it it too much?”


No one cares about your clothes as much as you do. If someone in your life is overly concerned about your clothes or appearance one or more of the following is happening: 1) they have some deep insecurities they’re trying to distract themselves from (this includes your mother/ sister/ best friend who is always “only trying to help” with their negative feedback), 2) they are very bored which is not your problem, and/ or 3) they are not a good choice to be around if they can’t keep their opinions to themselves.

It is your right to dress however you like. Yes, there constraints in professional environments but that still isn’t a good reason to opt out of trying to figure out how to express yourself with your clothes in that setting. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time wondering if your style choices are hitting the mark with other people, this is the year to turn inward and starting making sure that your style is hitting the mark with yourself.

Finally, if you’re using your weight as a excuse from finding the personal style that will light you up, read this.

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