• Nicole Otchy

The Style Your Brand Workshop Is Here!

Updated: Apr 7

For years I've wanted to launch an online program to help women understand how to stop being intimidated or grossed out by thinking of themselves as a personal brand. That day is today! I'm SO excited to share The Style Your Brand Workshop with you. Thinking of your wardrobe as a piece of your brand allows you to use something you have to do everyday to help you become more mindful and strategic about becoming the person you want to be. With this mindfulness and strategy in place, you're way more likely to go after and embrace bigger opportunities in your career and personal life with confidence and ease. After working with women with established and strong personal brands for almost 10 years, I understand the power of applying the principles of branding to our wardrobes. Waiting for "someday" or for the weight to be gone, means we aren't showing up fully for the things that TRULY matter to us. Here's the truth: great personal style isn't effortless but that doesn't mean it has to feel hard. Personal style is uncovered and then it's refined with practice. The Style Your Brand Workshop is an online, 5-week workshop that will show you how you can use your wardrobe to develop a strong personal brand. We start on January 6th, 2020 so it's the perfect way to dive into the new year. This workshop will give you all the tools you need to:

  • Dress the body you have TODAY

  • Learn how to evaluate clothes at any price point to determine if they are high-quality

  • Wear what you already own more by learning key styling tips

  • Create strategic shopping lists so you don't get overwhelmed shopping

  • Learn to shop more efficiently (and save money!) online and in stores

  • Dress confidently for photo shoots, TV, and speaking appearances

Want to join me? Get all the details and register here before all 12 spots are full right here!