• Nicole Otchy

Episode 15: Ask Me Anything Episode

In today’s episode, I’m answering three listener questions. The questions I’m tackling today are popular ones I get asked a lot so there’s probably one in the lineup that will help you. Listen in to hear how I answer these three listener questions:

  • I’m starting in a new role at work and I’m wondering if you have any tips for how I look professional and credible but also approachable? This will be my first time managing a large team and I want to make the right impression from the start.

  • How do I handle people at work noticing and commenting that I’m dressing differently when I’m trying to position myself for a leadership role after being in a different role for years?

  • As a new business owner, I really want to start dressing for my personal brand but it feels overwhelming to me and expensive. How do I get started?

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