• ncostyle

Episode 8: How To Find The Right Colors For You

In this episode, I’m sharing a mini training on how to find the right colors for you so you can feel confident incorporating them into your wardrobe.

Figuring out the best colors for your coloring is both an art and a science. Today I’m going to help you understand the three most important aspects of color when you're getting dressed. The first is how to figure out your skin’s undertones so you can find the exact colors that will make your skin look amazing and your eye look bright. The second is how to find your best neutral tones to anchor your wardrobe (think what color shoes, layers and bags) to help you look more pulled together no matter what you're wearing. And last, I’m sharing a quick overview of the meanings we associate with each color so you can use color to deepen the impact of your personal brand.

1. Warm and Cool Colors

Here are examples of warm and cool reds (in case you want to try the lipstick experiment from this episode)

2. Below are examples of flattering neutral colors by hair type. These colors either match or compliment each hair color resulting in a sense of visual balance. In order to achieve this "pulled together" effect, the neutral color (in the images below that's black, warm brown, and camel) need to be repeated at least twice in the outfit to help create the feeling of cohesion.

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3. The Meaning Of Colors:

Red is energizing and stimulating

Orange is friendly and fun

Yellow is energetic and youthful

Green is reassuring

Blue makes us feel calm and trusting (and trustworthy)

Violet is creative and spiritual

White is pure and clean

Black is mysterious and powerful

Brown is down-to-earth and approachable