Do you tell yourself any of these things?


You will be ready to invest in your style when…


  • You weigh the “right” amount.

  • You start getting more professional opportunities.

  • You hit that major revenue goal in your business.

  • You have more time.


Now, you could continue to tell yourself that these things are valid excuses for neglecting your personal style but you know those moments when you wish it could all just feel effortless?


Those moments when you want to show up and be more visible but don't feel sure that the clothes in your closet represent the personal brand you want to embody .

So, you could continue staring into your closet each morning with no idea what to wear.


You could continue dreading shopping trips, spending hours in dressing rooms with nothing to show for it.


You could continue to avoid going for leadership positions and speaking roles because you’re not confident in your personal image.


You could continue to tell yourself that you’re hopeless when it comes to style.

Do you really want to spend your entire life battling your limiting beliefs and holding yourself back from personal & professional success?



A style that empowers you to feel your best has absolutely nothing to do with your weight, your shape, your previous professional accomplishments, or your age.


After working with hundreds of women as a personal stylist & branding consultant, I’ve discovered the secret behind a woman who embodies her style with poise and confidence:

It’s all about mindset.

Mindset is key when it comes to stepping into your signature style. The thoughts in your head may go something like this...

  • I work from home and no one sees me so my clothes don't matter.

  • I'll wait to dress well when I lose weight.

  • I have no time to focus on myself.

  • I can’t be stylish without feeling uncomfortable.

  • I'll wait until I have a bigger social media following .

  • I hate shopping and I always will.

It’s time to rewrite this false, negative narrative that plays on repeat in your mind.


Let’s work together to transform your mindset and refine a unique style that embodies your personality, supports your goals, increases your visibility and makes you feel amazing.

The Signature Style Collective

The Signature Style Collective is a 6-month immersive experience for ambitious women ready to tap into style as a powerful tool for personal and professional achievement.

This collective is a space to do the deep work.

You’ll deconstruct the limiting beliefs holding you back, so that you can learn to love your style.


You’ll tap into your creativity to refine a signature style that enhances your personal brand.


You’ll learn to confidently show up as the face of your business, no longer hiding behind yoga pants and a computer screen.


You’ll trust yourself when you shop, feeling sure of the items you’re choosing—all while having fun with the process.

You’ll save money, knowing which pieces complement your wardrobe and which are best left hanging on the rack.

But make no mistake… These huge changes don’t happen overnight.

It takes practice.

That’s exactly what this collective will offer you—6 months of expert guidance, ongoing support, and practical application for your daily life.

During our time together, you will:

Refine your personal style with comprehensive style lessons each month.

Each month, we’ll tackle those limiting beliefs through journaling prompts and cover an important style skill through video lessons, worksheets, and actionable tasks.


Integrate style lessons into your real life through monthly group video calls with me.


Learn practical applications for each month’s style lesson during live group video calls. Can’t make the call? Don’t worry, you’ll have access to recordings after the call.


Receive personalized mentorship through 1:1 video calls with me.


Throughout our 6 months together, you’ll have a chance to book 2 exclusive video calls with me! Get feedback on your wardrobe, ask questions about your shopping strategy, receive guidance on your upcoming photoshoot looks, and more. 


The best part? You can book these 2 calls at any point during the 6 month period. 


I normally offer these 1:1 style sessions at a premium rate, but you’ll receive these 2 calls as part of your collective membership!

Get your questions answered through the collective’s private Facebook group.


As a collective member, you’ll have access to our private Facebook group. You’ll join a group of driven, like-minded women who are looking to uplevel their lives through intentional use of style. 


I’ll also be active within the group to answer questions and facilitate discussions.

Here's what we'll covered in our six months together:

  • Month 1: The Principles Of A Memorable Personal Brand

  • Month 2: Identify The Hallmarks Of Your Unique Signature Style

  • Month 3: Mastering Accessories: From Jewelry to Finding Your Signature Scent

  • Month 4: Outfit Planning For Photoshoots and Public Speaking

  • Month 5: Strategic Shopping and Identifying Quality Garments 

  • Month 6: Staging Your Closet To Support Your Vision For Your Signature Style


Enrollment is open for a limited time—don’t wait to book your spot.

The Signature Style Collective only opens twice a year. Enrollment is open through Saturday, February 29, 2020 and won’t open again until September 2020.


Additionally, I’m only opening up a select number of spots within the collective to allow for personalized support for each member, so don’t wait to reserve your spot within the collective.

Ready to take stop battling your body and start loving your style?

I can’t wait to walk you through this transformative experience! This is a beta round of this program and the price will be going up in the future so grab your spot now.


                                                                                        Payment Plan                                                   

                                                                             $300/month for 6 months     




                                                                                   One-Time Payment

                                                                             One-Time Payment $1,500




When does the workshop begin?


The Signature Style Collective launches March 1, 2020. Enrollment is open through February 28.

Is this workshop for me if I’m not at my goal weight/size yet?


YES! This collective will teach you how to use your wardrobe to feel confident and comfortable, exactly as you are today.


Losing weight doesn’t magically give you the ability to begin investing in yourself. It’s all about mindset: you need to believe that you deserve to feel good about yourself—no matter what size you are at. This collective will give you the guidance, tools, and dedicated time to learn to do just that.


Is the collective right for me if I have already completed the Style Your Brand Workshop?


Absolutely! While the workshop helped you discover your style, this collective allows you to dive deeper into REFINING and EMBODYING your personal style. This collective will feature fresh content that we have not covered in the workshop.


If you have not completed the Style Your Brand Workshop, this collective is for you! The workshop is NOT a prerequisite to the collective.


Do I need to spend additional money shopping for clothes during this workshop?


There is no shopping requirement to be a part of the  Signature Style Collective.


However, I highly recommend setting aside some time and money to shop while participating in this collective. Together, we’ll identify the gaps in your wardrobe and practice mindful shopping to invest in quality pieces that you’ll be excited to wear. 


Finally, learning to trust yourself when you shop is a skill. Practicing this skill with support will help you avoid giving up in frustration if you get stuck.


How will the collective be structured?


For 6 months, you will receive a video lesson and worksheet each month. We’ll cover this lesson further in our monthly group video call.


Throughout the 6 months, you will also have access to me in a private Facebook group to ask questions as you work through the weekly assignments.


Additionally, you’ll be able to book 2 video calls just with me at any point during our time together!


How much time will I need to dedicate to this collective?


You should plan on dedicating at least 1 - 2 hours each month to experience the greatest benefits. The Signature Style Collective is an intensive learning experience—you’ll learn through listening to course material, completing the worksheets, taking each month’s action steps, and engaging in discussions within the Facebook group.

How much guidance from you will participants have during the collective?


We will have a group video call each month to further address that month’s lesson. You can ask your questions live during those calls or, if you are unable to make it, you can submit your questions in advance and watch the replay to hear my answers.


Each collective member also has the opportunity to book two 1:1 video calls with me at any point during our 6 months together.


What is the refund policy for this workshop?


Refunds for the Signature Style Collective will not be given once the collective has begun.

Ready to commit to breaking through negative beliefs and mastering your style?

Invest in your growth through two convenient pricing options.


Ready to commit to breaking through negative beliefs and mastering your style?


                                                                                          Payment Plan 


                                                                                  $300/month for 6 months                                               





                                                                                      One-Time Payment

                                                                                One-Time Payment $1,500