You have a personal style waiting to be uncovered.


Yes—you, exactly as you are right now.


I’ve worked with hundreds of women over the years, and trust me, I’ve heard all the reasons why they put off discovering their personal style.


Reasons like...


“I’ll wait until I lose 15 lbs.”


“I’ll wait until I land the promotion.”


“I’ll wait until my business is making more money”

As ambitious women, we often think that we have to earn our way into looking and feeling our best. We play the WHEN/THEN game with our personal style, consigning it to a “someday” activity.


But I’m here to call out the limiting belief that’s holding you back from showing up in your life as the bold, brave woman you already are.


You don’t have to earn your way into feeling great about yourself.


You deserve to look and feel your best—not someday, but TODAY.


And that begins with uncovering your personal style.

The Style Your Brand Workshop was designed just for you.


I’ve created this workshop to empower women like you to leverage your personal style as a tool for increased confidence—in who you are, how you look, and how your personal brand is portrayed.


During this 5-week workshop, you’ll learn the tools for curating a strong, dynamic visual brand.


You’ll finally be able to say goodbye to mindless shopping, the dreaded “what do I wear?” question, and a wardrobe that doesn’t align with your goals, shape, and lifestyle.


The Style Your Brand Workshop will teach you how to:

  • Feel amazing in what you wear by understanding how to dress the body you have right now

  • Create outfits that reflect your personal brand for any occasion

  • Save money by utilizing the pieces you already own through closet editing and key styling techniques

  • Create strategic shopping lists to reduce overwhelm and make each shopping trip a success

  • Learn how to invest wisely in high-quality, long-lasting garments

  • How to create a reliable outfit plan for photoshoots, speaking engagements and tv appearances that will ensure you feel confident 


The style principles you’ll learn in this workshop can be repeated every season, saving you time, energy, and money each time your wardrobe needs a refresh.


You’ll also have access to these additional style resources:

  • Clothing Care Handbook

  • Must-Know Guide To Tailoring 

  • BONUS MODULE: Preparing Outfits for Photo Shoots


I’m keeping the Style Your Brand Workshop small—there are only 15 spots available. This intimate setting means I’ll be able to answer your questions in our private Facebook group and during the workshop’s two group video calls.


Are you ready to quit playing the WHEN/THEN game with your personal style and finally show up in life as the powerful, passionate woman you are?

Early Bird Price: $697*

Regularly: $797

Early Bird price only available until 5/13/20 ​

You have questions. I have answers.

When does the workshop begin?


The next Style Your Brand Workshop will  start on  Monday, March 18, 2020.


Is this workshop for me if I’m not at my goal weight/size yet?


Absolutely! This workshop will teach you how to use your wardrobe to feel confident and comfortable, exactly as you are today.


Losing weight doesn’t magically give you the ability to begin investing in yourself. It’s all about mindset: you need to believe that you deserve to feel good about yourself—no matter what size you are at. This workshop will give you the guidance, tools, and dedicated time to learn to do just that.


Do I need to spend additional money shopping for clothes during this workshop?


There is no shopping requirement to be a part of the Style Your Brand Workshop.


However, I highly recommend setting aside some time and money to shop while participating in the workshop. Together, we’ll identify the gaps in your wardrobe and practice mindful shopping to invest in quality pieces that you’ll be excited to wear. 


Finally, learning to trust yourself when you shop is a skill. Practicing this skill with support will help you avoid giving up in frustration if you get stuck.


How will the workshop be structured?


For 5 weeks you will get one short lesson and a worksheet by email at the start of every week. 


During the workshop, you will have access to me in a private Facebook group to ask questions as you work through the weekly assignments. We will also have two group video calls during week 2 and week 4 to get in-depth questions answered.


How much time will I need to dedicate to this workshop?


You should plan on dedicating between 1 - 2 hours per week to experience the greatest benefits. The Style Your Brand Workshop is primarily experiential—you’ll learn through listening to course material, completing the worksheets, and taking each week’s action steps.


How many people will be in the workshop?


In order to provide every student with focused guidance within our private Facebook group and two group video calls, the workshop will have no more than 15 women in the group


How much guidance from you will participants have during the workshop?


I will be available for questions in the workshop’s private Facebook group Wednesdays and Fridays. 


We will also have two group video calls during week 2 and week 4. You can ask your questions live during those calls or, if you are unable to make it, you can submit your questions in advance and watch the replay to hear my answers.


What is the refund policy for this workshop?


Refunds for the Style Your Brand Workshop will not be given once the workshop has begun.

Early Bird Price: $697*

Regularly: $797

Early Bird price only available until 5/13/20 ​